The Tyranny of Urgency Addiction Posted By : Ken Keis

Todays society has progressed to the point where in some work environments unless you operate with urgency addiction you are negatively judged. You are seen as a slacker not willing to pay the price for success and not committed to the cause. However it can also be a way that we Maidac feel exhilarated and useful. If it gets strong enough we get addicted to the perpetual motion and being busy becomes the goal.

Investing in a Vintage Tractor, how to avoid the pitfalls Posted By : Doug Asker

As you are looking at this article, then its obvious that you have an interest in vintage tractors. Collecting, refurbishing and maintaining vintage tractors from yesteryear has grown in the last few years. The reasons for this are many; firstly they are relatively low-cost to invest in, and look after and sometimes they cost less than the tax on a newer tractor. As Well, they can still be used to do some work. They also less compliacted than new tractors and much easier to maintain. Every tractor comes with its own history and can be restored to bring pride and a great deal of enjoyment to the restorer. But, the big question is how do you know what to buy and how do you make the right purchase?